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  • Colonial Mills Stair Tread Installation Kit
  • Colonial Mills Stair Tread Installation Kit

Stair Tread Kit

MSRP: $89.00
Rubber & Polyester
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The Colonial Mills Stair Tread Kit includes a two-sided 28' x 6" adhesive roll, which keeps stair treads firmly in place. It is easy to install and long lasting, even on highly trafficked staircases.  This kit covers up to 13 stairs.  Made of rubber and polyester.

This kit is made for installing stair treads and not made for direct contact. The kit should not be used alone as a method to increase traction on stairs.

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How to Install Stair Treads Using the Kit

Tools Needed: Scissors

  1. Clean and dry stair surface before installation
  2. Unroll the padding and cut to approximately 6" x 26" size.
  3. Center cut piece of padding on stair with adhesive side backing up.  Press firmly until padding is secure, then remove the adhesive backing.
  4. Center stair tread on padding and press firmly until stair tread is secure.
  5. Repeat for all stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Colonial Mills Stair Tread Installation Kit

Will the adhesive damage the paint or the finish on hardwood stairs?

No, the stair tread kit will not cause damage to floors.  There may be some sticky residue remaining if the tread is removed, but this can be scrubbed off.

Will the adhesive damage my stair treads?

No, the adhesive will not damage your treads. You can remove the treads for cleaning without the kit leaving any residue on them.  

Do I need to replace the adhesive each time I wash my steps?

We recommend cleaning around the treads instead of removing them each time as it will reduce its stickiness over time.