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Colonial Mills Rugs Made in USA

Made in the USA and enjoyed in homes all over the world!

At Colonial Mills, we’re proud of our heritage and the fact that we design and manufacture our products exclusively in the USA. We believe our collections of braided rugs, storage baskets and accessories are second to none. This is largely due to the quality and commitment that comes from American manufacturing.

Braid is an American tradition, and we believe that is best produced by an American workforce. We carry on this tradition by continuing to manufacture our products here in Rhode Island, the birthplace of the America’s textile industry. We proudly employ and support the people in our local community.  

We’re a family owned and operated business, and to us our entire team is family.

Colonial Mills CEO Don Scarlata on Braided Rug Manufacturing in Rhode Island

Watch the video below to learn more about why Colonial Mills remains dedicated to keeping our braided products, including area rugs, made in the USA



Photo Gallery of our Production Facilities in Rhode Island

Colonial Mills Braided Department in Rhode Island

Colonial Mills Sewing Department, Rhode Island USA

Colonial Mills Braided Rugs Made in USA