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Our Yarns and Materials


Colonial Mills is committed to using surface yarns and materials of the highest standards. We do not use odd lot yarns or fibers.


Ideal for high traffic areas and outdoor living, polypropylene yarn is stain-resistant and easy to care for. Because of it’s components, polypropylene won’t shed easily and is highly durable. Great for homes with kids and pets. Browse our collection of Polypropylene rugs.

Naturalized Polypropylene

The same qualities of polypropylene with added texture, as the yarn is twisted and heat set. It has a similar feeling to jute with a higher level of durability and manageability.

Chenille Polypropylene

The same qualities of polypropylene with a softness and texture that is created through a unique process. It is ideal for bedrooms and kid-friendly areas. Click here to view Colonial Mills braided rugs made with Chenille.


Wool Blend

Our wool blend yarns are a combination of polypropylene and premium natural wool that provides softness and texture in a wide range of colors. This yarn has an overall heathered look that adds to its textured aesthetic. It is durable and suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. View our wool blend rugs.

Natural Wool

The highest quality premium sheep's wool provides the utmost in durability and texture. Natural wool is a unique fiber that is naturally renewable and sustainable. It has the ability to insulate in colder temperatures and breath in warm. Fibers of natural wool can be bent and stretched and will still go back to it’s natural form, making it the most durable of materials. Shop for natural wool braided rugs.


Space-dyed Wool

Using 100% wool as a base for durability and wearability, yarn is then dyed in a selection of colors specific to Colonial Mills. The spacing of the dye creates an overall random pattern in the rug that is consistent in color. Suitable for all areas inside the home, space-dye wool adds color and character without sacrificing wearability. Rugs made of wool will last a lifetime. Explore our collection of Space-dyed wool rugs.

Space-dyed Nylon

Dyed in increments using colors specified by Colonial Mills, this nylon yarn is typically mixed with other yarns to create texture and design. Nylon is a fiber that adds resistance to abrasion and makes for a durable option ideal for areas of high traffic.


All Colonial Mills fabrics are made of a cotton and polyester blend that adds a level of strength and durability that allows for use as an area rug. Our assortment of fabric braided rugs can be found here.


The Colonial Mills Renaissance collection of Sunbrella® Rugs is produced from reclaimed fiber, yarn and fabric perfect for indoor and outdoor use.